Why you should use a ball pressurizer

If you’re a Padel player, you will notice how quickly Padel balls lose their properties after some time, even with less play. After a while, Padel balls bounce less. It’s a sign that the ball has lost some its pressure. 

When the pressure is reduced in a ball, it loses bounce and can thoroughly affect your game. As a result, what many people do is purchasing a brand new set of Padel balls. The good news is that there is a less expensive and more ecological way to have Padel balls with the right amount of pressure.

Having the correct pressure allows you to have a great experience on the court and perform the way you want. 

A ball pressurizer is a device that can keep your balls under pressure for a longer amount of time. Some of them can even give the pressure back to ensure you have high-performing balls ready. This works for both Padel and Tennis balls. 

Before we start, players often ask if there is a difference between tennis and padel balls. Yes, there is a difference; tennis balls require higher pressure compared to Padel balls, and for a good reason. Even though there is a difference, a ball pressurizer can be used for both sports.

We wrote an article about the subject where we explain how you might use tennis balls for Padel.

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What is a ball pressurizer?

Have you ever wondered why, when you open a brand Padel balls some air quickly escapes from the can?  That’s because balls are kept under a certain amount of pressure to prevent the balls from going flat or losing pressure. 

Once you open the can, the ball starts to slowly lose pressure. Hence, after playing some matches, you’ll see that the Padel ball tends to bounce lower and you will have to make more effort to move the ball with your racket.

What does a ball pressurizer do?

In order to counter this effect, a ball pressurizer can make sure the right amount of pressure is kept within the ball for much longer. It’s useful for bringing Padel balls back to life that no longer bounce high enough. 

Many brands offer different types of ball pressurizers. Also, some people have ball pressurizers by themselves. If you’re interested in DIY, you can watch this brilliant video and the result.

And the result

Nevertheless, a ball pressurizer can help you cut expenses on buying balls constantly. If you’re not into DIYs, there are good pressurizers that you can buy. It’s worth investing in one as it will save you from miscellaneous and continuous expenses. Most pressurizers come in the form of a cylinder with a lid containing a pressure meter. This allows you to regulate the pressure.

Different types of Padel ball pressurizers

Ball pressurizers come in two different types: Electronical and mechanical. 

  • Electronic pressurizers mostly come with a manometer and a pump. With the pump, you can insert the air into the can as required. You have control over the amount of pressure within the can.


  • Mechanical pressurizers have a set pressure of usually under 14 psi (Pound Force Per Square Inch). 


Both mechanical and electronic pressurizer offers the same result. It helps to revive the flat ball and make it bouncy again.

What is the life span of a Padel ball?

The life span of a padel ball depends on how often you play. There is no definitive answer as it can vary depending on various factors. Factors like court surface, altitude, and players can impact the life span of a ball.

However, if you play only twice a week, the ball can last for four to five matches. You can use a re-pressurizer to prolong the life span of the padel balls. It will allow you to use it more than ten times before wearing out the fuzzy layer.

How often should you change your padel balls?

You can change the padel balls when it’s flat and doesn’t bounce higher. It depends on how many times you play in a week. A good padel ball should not be too bald or fuzzy. In addition, it will also show some resistance.

When a ball is extra squishy or doesn’t bounce as it should, that’s a cue for you to change the ball. The pressure in a ball impacts a game highly. Therefore, change the ball when you feel flat or don’t have a good bounce.

Why you should use a ball pressurizer?

Using a ball pressurizer helps in various factors. Here is the list below:

Always the right amount of pressure

Most ball pressurizers have a meter that allows you to easily regulate the pressure. It follows the regulatory pressure and keeps the ball intact. You can bring a dead ball to life through the regulated pressure. It uses the right amount of pressure that is required to re-pressurize the ball.


If you’re a regular Padel player, you’d know how often you need to change the ball. A good bounce is necessary for a good match. Also, balls tend to lose pressure once you open the can. It will lose pressure even if you don’t play. Hence, with a ball pressurizer, you can save money on buying new tennis or padel balls. All you have to do is re-pressurize the flat ball, and you’re good to play.

Positive impact on the environment

Environmental issues have become a core problem globally. And we must do our best to protect our environment. Even a small effort can bring a massive change.  A ball pressurizer helps you safeguard the ball’s properties so you don’t have to buy balls constantly. 

Buying fewer Padel balls and therefore throwing fewer balls away, in turn, leads to the creation of less waste. Recycling is essential, and a ball pressurizer helps to do just that.

Easy to carry

Ball pressurizer mostly comes in a compact size. You can put it in your bag while going for a match. It will keep the pressure intact and allows you to have an excellent match.


If you’re a regular padel, a tennis player, or both, getting a ball pressurizer is really something to consider. 

You wouldn’t have to spend money constantly on buying balls. It helps to save money and protect the environment as well. Today there are various types of ball pressurizers available in the market and come in a compact size that allows you to carry them easily while going for a match or a training session.

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