Is Padel suitable For Kids?

Padel is taking over the world at a rapid pace and you are probably hearing about this brand new and exciting sport more and more. Similar to tennis and squash, Padel is gaining popularity due to its easy and social style.

Padel is a sport for everybody to enjoy and there are certainly no limits until when someone can keep playing. But if ask us From What Age Can Kids Play Padel?

Kids can play Padel starting at the young age of four. The game is easy to understand but requires motor skills to be developed at a minimum. Therefore, like with comparable sports such as tennis, around four years old is a good starting age.

In this article, we will dig deeper into the reasons why Padel is a very good choice for kids at a young age.

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Padel is social and a team sport

Due to the smaller court and the short rallies, the game has a huge social aspect and this is very beneficial. At an age where social interaction is paramount for their development, Padel can assist in this.

The fact that four people can play together in one court makes it even more fun and entertaining. 


Padel is a good sport for kids’ social development. Since it requires four people to make the team, it paves the way for the little ones to socialize more often and have fun. 

They can also make new friends while being productive, and that’s a positive point. One good thing about this game is it can help strengthen bonds.

It is a fun game that allows more social interactions between players and keeps the game running smoothly. Padel can also improve the young kids’ moods as it keeps them more relaxed and has positive outcomes than other demanding and challenging ball games.

Team Sport

Since Padel is a team sport and success can only happen with teamwork, it teaches children the importance of working together. It also keeps their spirit of competition alive and enables them to learn the value of teamwork. 

Padel enables children to learn how to overcome challenges and control their emotions, whether they win or lose, it keeps them grounded.

Padel encourages self-improvement, collaboration, comradeship and allows them to stay more positive.

It’s not only a fun sport, but you also get to meet people with similar interests. And maybe, they can become your sports buddy for extracurricular activities.

Padel is a simple sport

Kids love playing Padel because the game is easy to understand, and anyone can quickly adapt. According to experts, kids need a group sport to exercise because it’s the perfect age for physical and developmental skills. In this case, Padel is an ideal choice.

As we all know, this game has simple rules, and even children can understand without any difficulties. Especially for little ones, it can keep them physically fit and help them become more active and motivated.

Padel does not require too much physical effort compared to other sports. And since it’s a versatile sport, it can be played both outdoors and indoors.

Not An Injury Sensitive Sport

Parents may rest assured because unlike games such as basketball, soccer, football, baseball, or volleyball that cause most injuries, Padel is not among them. 

This does not mean Padel is totally injury-free, as with any sport. It means Padel has fewer injuries compared to other popular sports. Padel is a different sport as it does not require any physical contact among the players like basketball or soccer. 

But When precautions are taken, kids can play the sport safely without having to worry about injuries. Nevertheless, there are plenty of ways to protect oneself from injuries. 

The padel court is a safe environment

No doubt every parent’s concern is their child’s safety. You might be worried if it causes any harm or injuries.

There are no big dangers when playing Padel. Measures have been implemented in the game and on the court to limit hazards as much as possible

Glass walls

One thing that might worry you when seeing the padel court: the glass walls. You might wonder if these are solid enough to withstand someone falling on it.

The answer is yes: these walls are specially made for padel courts to withstand an adult landing on it at full speed.

Even if, the glass could break, under extraordinary circumstances, the glass cannot crack and will break into tiny shards that are harmless since they are not sharp.

Padel rackets

Another safety measure the ruling organization have taken is to make the lace mandatory.


This lace, at the end of a Padel racket, avoids players accidentally launching their racket at other players when losing grip.

The Padel racket itself is lightweight (much lighter than a tennis racket) and the ball is easy to hold and control. So when it comes to kids playing Padel, you don’t have to worry. This sport is an exceptional choice to let them enjoy their time without any risks.

Padel is great for early development

Any parent would want their kids to play healthy sports that can benefit them for their well-being. Athletic games are essential for kids as much as it’s required for adults. And sports play a crucial factor in children’s physical development, growth, and psychomotor skills. 

Playing Padel can uplift your kid’s interest in sports and can help them build their self-confidence and self-esteem. It energizes them and, at the same time, helps them relax their muscles and work on their flexibility.

The simplicity of this sport makes it easy for all. Once your kid gets familiar with the rules and the techniques, you can see their progress in a few days. Additionally, Padel also helps your kid improve coordination skills and opens more room for them to learn discipline and responsibility. And these are vital for their self-development.

This fun and trendy sport can encourage your kid for more physical activity and, in return, benefit them with positive effects.

From what age can children start playing Padel?

With the rising popularity of Padel, parents are beginning to consider Padel as a recommended sport for their kids. And it has also lead to a discussion about the age they can start playing this game. Since most people believe that sports should be introduced to kids at a young age, Padel tops the list. It is because it’s a relatively easy game that kids can catch up with.

Usually, kids can start playing Padel at the age of four. But it also requires discipline, strength, and focus. 

According to the experts, kids can start playing at the age of 4. So for kids below 4 years old, it’s not that advisable to start following classes. 

But it also largely depends on the child’s physical skills and development. As mentioned above, the advantage of playing a Padel is plenty, and encouraging kids to play sports is a healthy choice.


As much as everyone loves Padel, especially for kids, it should be a choice. 

As for parents, it would be best to set a routine for them since their physical strength is lower than adults. 

However, if your child loves Padel as much as you do and wants to play it more professionally, of course, it is a thumbs up to support them.

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