What are the best Padel balls to buy?

Padel, as a sport, has three core components- the racket, the court, and the ball. All three of them are essential, and their overall condition will determine if you’re going to have a good game or not. Here we are going to cover padel balls and everything to do with them. 

If you had a quick look around you may have noticed that there is plenty of choice for padel Balls. Which padel balls should you choose?

To know which padel ball to choose, it is important to ask yourself how often you play, where you and at what level because all of these factors come into consideration. The Head Padel Pro might not always be the best choice. In this article, we will explain to you what to look out for

Like tennis balls, padel balls are made with felt containing pressurized air within. They are usually sold as a set of three balls in a pressurized canister. The balls are stored in this canister to maintain the air pressure within the balls. The air pressure in balls is crucial as they are responsible for the bounce and how fast the padel ball moves when hit. 

The ball’s condition is so nuanced that even a professional player would feel like they’re playing a whole different game with the wrong ball. So knowing the right ball to use is vital for anyone who is even remotely interested in Padel.

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Head Padel Pro World Tour

The padel balls produced by Head are the official and standard balls used in Padel World Tours. The balls are designed specifically for casual, pro , and experienced players alike Let’s look at the models produced by the company that professionals accept as the premium standard in the sports industry.

Head Padel Pro

As the official ball used in the World Padel Tour, Head Padel Pro boasts an excellent reputation. It provides excellent control and is highly durable. Being the most well-known padel ball globally, one can never go wrong with having a set of Head Padel Pro balls. It’s used in official tournaments because most pro players prefer this model to play with.

Head Padel Pro’ S’

The “S” in “Pro’ S’” stands for Speed. This variant of the official padel ball,  is explicitly built for speed. It is mainly used by professional players who want to practice at higher momentum without sacrificing the control or the durability of the ball. Beginners and intermediate players can also use it. It is however not recommended.

The difference

Built by the same company for different specific needs, the Head Padel Pro and the Head Padel Pro’ S’ are essentially the same in terms of appearance. The Pro’ S’ has an additional S branded on the ball next to the Pro. 

However, the speeds at which they move are very different. The Pro variant is preferred when the court is situated at sea level. However, in higher humidity, the ball becomes slow as it sucks up water. This is where the Pro’ S’ could be a better choice to speed the game up as the ball has a higher pressure.

Which padel balls should I train with?

For beginners, the control and bounce that the ball provides aren’t that important. What’s more important is the ball’s durability, as you’ll be smashing the ball against the wall a lot to practice. The bounce and the control of the ball is an essential factor for mid or intermediate level players. A cheaper ball providing excellent durability at the cost of ball control is suitable for practicing. Old tennis balls can also be used to practice but never for actual matches.

Best padel balls to train best with

If you’re set on becoming a professional Padel player, then along with that determination, you will need to practice with the best set of equipment. And that entails training with the best padel balls. Hence, as mentioned earlier in the article, some of the best Padel balls to train with are- Head Padel Pro, Head Padel Pro’ S’, and Dunlop Team Padel ball.

Ball color matters

Officially, there are quite a lot of allowed color padel balls one can choose. The rules that white, pink, and vibrant area allowed. The choice you make can have a significant impact. The color of the Padel ball matters because you will have to navigate the ball spinning fast at over 160Km/hr. Especially on spotting a darker color ball on a darker court is hard and can take a strain on your eyes.

You have to make it as easy for yourself as possible. Choosing a bright color ball is your best choice and a safety measure as well.

How long do padel balls last?

If you play Padel regularly, then the ball usually lasts for over a few sessions, surprisingly. However, apart from constant usage, other factors like fillings and weather conditions impact the ball. 

Why do padel balls not last?

When a player plays the ball with great intensity, it can take a toll on the ball’s lifespan. Pressure exists padel balls slowly over time which reduces their performance. Therefore, maintaining the ball becomes essential. 

The outside temperature can also adversely affect the life span of the ball. The gas molecules inside the Padel balls expand when exposed to severe heat. When this reaction takes place, the ball may feel more bouncy. It enhances the ball performance. However, though it seems good initially, it can quickly degrade the ball quality. Therefore, avoid exposing the ball to extreme temperatures. 

Padel balls that are filled with compressed air do not last very long. But the nitrogen-filled balls are relatively better. They make the ball light and bouncy. However, they can be a little pricey. Therefore, if you want the ball to last long, it is better to opt for a quality product, even if they come at a cost.

Can I use tennis balls?

Padel balls and Tennis balls have to meet different requirements. The internal pressure, bounce, weight, and size measurement of a Padel ball are not the same as a Tennis ball. 

These different criteria are designed for player safety and performance and are adapted to each specific game. You could use tennis balls, but only under certain conditions.

In general, no, don’t use tennis balls to play padel.


If you’re a regular Padel player, then buying a pressure box for storing the ball can save money and increase the longevity of the ball. This way you can continue playing without having to worry about any other expenses. You can easily find these containers in online stores as well.


To conclude, depending on the level of your skill, you will require different Padel balls. 

If you had to choose a Padel ball with which you play often, the regular Head Padel Pro would be a very good option. You can use it for official matches, they have great quality and are a safe bet.

If you live in an area that’s high above sea level, the special high altitude ball could also be a very good option

Hopefully, this article helps you find the right ball.

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